I like hotdogs with mustard and beer.

There are literally hundreds of diets streaming across the internet these days; fad ones, serious ones and ones that won’t let you eat bacon and eggs on the third day of a new moon. Some work, some don’t, and more often than not once you have completed the diet you are left frustrated when a few days later the weight is back on your hips and arms.

Diet failures are something many of us know intimately and experience every so often. Everything’s going great, you’re eating your seven servings of fruit and veggies and doing your five mile morning run, and then one day, you let go for a week or so and it all goes back to square one.

 But fret no more, leading scientists* have discovered the best diet there is; you’ve tried the rest, now try the best..


It is called fresh air, sunshine, regular exercise (even if that is a brisk stroll around the park) and good wholesome food. Eat whatever the hell you want, in good moderation, and if someone criticizes your weight, well, eat them too 😉 


Let’s be real here, and more importantly honest, I LOVE FOOD. Homer Simpson said it best, ‘’Oh, I like food alright. I like pizza; I like bagels; I like hotdogs with mustard and beer. I’ll eat eggplant. I could even eat a ba-a-by deer.’’ So why deny yourself the pleasure of tucking into a cheeseburger, or a magnum ice cream every once in a while, you’re not doing it every night are you? Moderation is key here. You do not need to refuse yourself your favorite guilty pleasure snack, life is short, over in the blink of an eye.


So come away from those silly fad diets, come away from feeling ashamed that you couldn’t do those last two days on the new latest trendy diet, come away from missing out on days out and nights in with your friends and family because you had to keep to a schedule. Enjoy life, and foremost, enjoy food.


By all means, I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t diet, a lot of people need to for medical reasons, and many like to just to blow off some steam. All I am suggesting is that it does not need to consume your life. So long as you are getting moderate exercise and you eat a broad variety of food, that should be all you need to stay healthy.


So, on that note…


It’s Friday gals, have a glass of wine and some cheesecake, your brain and taste buds will thank you for it.


*obviously not true, but you know, everyone is a comedian.. 😉 


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