Bikini Series – Week 2


I’m now on to week 3 of the Bikini Series challenge. Last week went well- I didn’t complete the exercise schedule as I was fighting off a chest infection, but I still ended up losing 1 inch off my abs, 1 off my hips and 1.5 inches from my waist.
There is this Set The Bar routine that needs to be completed every 2 weeks and my results have improved since the first attempt, so I am very happy. All in all, I feel loads better, my skin is clear and I don’t feel full of crap! I think I am enjoying the breakfasts the most as they seem really naughty but they are so good for you.

The only thing I really missed last week was bread, but not until Friday. The weekend was a write off from Saturday night as it was my hen do and then I was so hungover on Sunday all I ate was bread, crisps and chocolate (on top of a fry up). As long as I am back on track now (which I am), then I won’t hurt. I definitely don’t feel guilty, I had loads of fun and the food was yummy. Worth it!


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