’My name is Bea. I am a healthy and perfectly ordinary girl, I consider myself to be of adequate proportions and lead a very varied and rich life. However, this wasn’t always the case. Media and beauty industry experts have continuously rammed down mine, and probably your throats that I/we are not in their margin of beauty; we don’t have high cheekbones or pronounced collarbones. We don’t have killer legs or a flat and lithe stomach and this forced perspective of beauty is destroying confidence, causing women to doubt themselves and harm themselves to try and replicate an unrealistic and shallow version of what the media dub ‘’beautiful’’. Well I call horse shit, and my blog is about us women standing up to these impractical ideals. My blog is about confidence, valuing yourself and your own unique beauty. My blog is called ‘I am beautiful’ and you ladies out there reading this, you really are beautiful just as you are.’

Hey there. I am Bee’s best friend, Toni, and I have forced my way into this blog to help out. I too believe that the media and diet industry are taking over people’s lives, making them think they should look a certain way. Well, I believe that you should be whoever you want and you can look like however you damn well please. Life is about living, not worrying about every single morsel that goes into your mouth, eating tasteless ‘food’ because it’s low in calories. Do things that you enjoy. Eat food that tastes amazing, not just okay. Aim for whatever you wish, sometimes it’s high but sometimes you just want something simple. BE HAPPY.


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