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[Toni] Bikini Series – finished!

Woah- I actually stuck to a whole challenge! I am feeling gooood.

I got back out on my bike (I will admit going down hi was very scary!), tried new routines and ate loads of yummy food. Combining the Tone It Up workouts with the Slimming World eating plan was definitely a good thing for me.

Week 7 was definitely the hardest – Karena and Katrina amped up the schedule big time and there was so much to fit in. If I wasn’t going on holiday I don’t think I would have stuck to it to be honest. It is hard and I feel good and strong but I have sacrificed a bit of sleep to get the routines done. Not something for everyday life for me.


My favourite part of the challenge of course was meeting up with all my TIU UK Mermaids – well, Unicorns now actually. We had a great weekend away, bonded a lot more all while eating healthily and exercising together. So fun!

Week 8 was the Slimdown….I had good intentions but then ended up being at risk of redundancy so treated myself to a brownie or some chocolate some days. Nothing major though – everything in moderation!

I submitted my Transformation story to enter the competition so hopefully I will win some prizes. All in all I loved the challenge and I feel great! I don’t care about looks anymore, just want to feel strong and healthy 🙂



[Toni] Bikini Series Week 3


Now I am getting into the swing of things I won’t be writing something for everyday of the week. I’ll just try and write down all of the interesting things!


After a lazy, indulgent weekend, I needed to get moving. I missed kick boxing last week so I tried one of Jessica Smith’s workouts. I haven’t sweated that much in ages! So hard, but it felt good. MY heart rate got up and I earned 10 mins cardio – that never happens! I followed this with Rock Your Body.

Wednesday….so glad I got up and did Bikini Kettlebell. I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours 20 minutes! Chaos everywhere due to 1 lorry overturning at 5 in the morning. No other vehicles involved. I did abandon my car and had a quick 20 minute walk to get to work, so needed that! Missed Zumba too 😦

Love Bodyposipanda!

I have decided that on Thursday’s I will get some extra sleep, so that is what I did this morning. Planning a long walk at lunch and some toning routines this evening.

The rest of the week I kept up with workouts but drank a hell of a lot (it was my birthday after all!) Feeling pretty sluggish now but I am back on it.

[Toni] Bikini Series – Week 1


  • Looking at the meal plan, Slimming World meal prep is so much easier! All I need to do is chop mushrooms, maybe grill some chicken, make 3x batches of cous cous with veg and make an extra large risotto for dinner, so I can use leftovers for lunch. I will probably do that with other dinners too.
  • Snacks on the Tone It Up plan are smoothies, nut butters, houmous and celery (yuk). As I have to ‘syn’ most of these things, I’ll have fruit, yoghurt, boiled eggs, ryvita crackers, cottage cheese or chicken for my snacks. Easy peasy.
  • I’ve taken my before pictures and will record my measurements!


I’m following this plan for workouts:

  • 1x day Legs and Cardio
  • 1x day Arms & Abs
  • 1x day Total Body
  • Plus badminton, Body Pump and Zumba. Oh and bike rides.


Today I woke up quite easily for my morning workout. I suppose this is because I made sure I got an early night (which I will continue to work on). I may or may not have slept through my husband banging on the door, phoning the house phone and throwing things, including a banana, at my bedroom window (which I sleep next to) to let him in….oops! Luckily he could stay at his dads house who lives nearby. I guess my party trick is putting myself into a coma for the night!

This morning I chose to do a quick 15 minute toning routine (I cannot handle cardio in the morning) which was Love Your Legs by Tone It Up. Really good burner!


Lunchtime is always a walk if it’s not raining, and we did 1.5 miles to cross off my 100 mile tracker today. Kick-boxing will be for when I get home, 20 – 30 mins. I am looking forward to this. I think it’s important to do exercise that you enjoy! Otherwise it just becomes stale and you end up doing nothing.

Food is back on track, including a cake sale at my work where I resisted all the cakes and sausage rolls and samosas and spring rolls RIGHT NEXT TO MY DESK. I ate a banana instead. I did buy a little bit of cake to try later after dinner as it was for charity after all and looked SO GOOD. I ended up eating a giant cookie, a bourbon and a couple of mouthfuls of smarties…yum!


Loving all my food at the moment! Lots of eggs in the mornings, yoghurt and fruit, cous cous bowls and a steak stir fry was for dinner this day. Yum!


This morning I decided to get some extra sleep and I made it to 8 hours, yay!

Someone in my group chat told us about a girl who is following Tone It Up and actually cried over eating a brownie. Hearing that really winds me up. Just because it’s not in the plan doesn’t mean you will undo all your progress and hard work. Imagine looking back on it in 20 years time – I would feel so silly! If you’re going to eat it, you may as well enjoy it. People strive far too much to be 100% perfect, but there is no such thing. So, I could feel guilty about not doing a workout this morning, but I don’t. I needed the sleep.

I stretched for 30 mins before bed – oh pigeon pose, how I love you!



I definitely definitely definitely set me Fitbit alarm for 5.30…yet I woke up to my phone alarm at 6.30. Damn! I had 4 workout videos planned. I decided my hair could get away with another day of dry shampoo so I squeezed in one of the Beach Babe 4 workouts (K+K Slay) and an old arm routine (Tone Up Your Arms for Summer). The new one was brilliant! I was worried there would be burpees after a few moves but there wasn’t. Perfect! So 15 minutes of HIIT counts another 1.5 miles on my tracker. Win! I will do the other routines tomorrow.


Oh and I double checked my Fitbit and I was right! So I must have slept-snoozed it. More sleep doesn’t hurt 🙂

I got lazy at lunch and stayed inside – feeling so lethargic and tired now. Regretting it! Still, Zumba will get my moving later!

Argh all I wanted to do was go home and eat pizza but I made myself just show up to Zumba. I’m glad I went in the end – and I got a motivating comment from Tone It Up on Instagram 🙂 I ate my chickpea burgers with my HexA allowance of cheese for the day and butternut squash chips. So good.




Got up quite easily to catch up with the schedule and did a new routine – Cardio Abs off the Beach Babe 4 DVD. Loved it! Added Bikini Abs 2015 on too – feeling the burn! Had some fun playing badminton in the evening and earned 3 miles for the 100 by Summer challenge. Devoured my chicken fajita for dinner – lovely!




After a bit of a struggle getting up and scrolling on instagram, I got out of bed to catch up on some more of the toning routines I had missed earlier in the week. They were both off the new Beach Babe DVD – Rock Your Body + Total Body Tone Up.

Yes that is supposed to say Friday!

Rock Your Body was okay, but I did find myself wondering when it was ending. There was a move where you are resting on your side on one bum cheek, I felt my bum digging in the floor. So I didn’t like that one!

Total Body Tone Up was awesome though and included a lot of my favourite moves. Really felt it in the arms!

Read the members email this afternoon and printed off the quick meal idea. They are nothing ground breaking but it’s there as a reminder if I have a mind blank of what to cook if plans change.


Had a fab weekend still on track! I only did a quick routine on Saturday as I was so busy before going to Bee’s for a girls night in. I kept the cocktails TIU approved and had Slimming World ‘nachos’ (wedges with spicy beans and cheese on top). Good comfort food without the guilt.

Sunday Bee and I went to Brighton and it was a gorgeous day! We walked over 20,000 steps overall so I counted that towards the 100 By Summer challenge. Treated myself to a Peanut Butter ice-cream on the beach and sat in the sun. So tired now! We managed to find a Mexican restaurant that had a really good SW friendly meal, so I  had that and resisted pudding. I have to go back for cocktails one day – so many tequila ones!

[Toni] Bikini Series 2016

Oh wow, there is so much hype for the next Tone It Up Bikini Series! It’s all strangely exciting.

I’ve received my starter pack so I can start prepping. I am determined to stick to the whole 8 weeks this time as it leads right up to my holiday in June. I’ve already started getting back into morning workouts. TIU are releasing another 8 week meal plan for members but I’ll decide when I see it whether I want to follow it or not. I’m doing pretty well using Slimming World recipes, so I can see myself just using the meal plan as a guide.


The little group of friends I have made through TIU has helped hype the challenge up for sure. We are so on it this year!

I’m pretty happy with my abs this time! It’s my hips and back that I would love to tone, so maybe I will have some good results to share with you in 8 weeks time!


  1. Complete the 100 mile challenge on my bike
  2. Body Pump once a week
  3. Keep up with kick-boxing videos
  4. Stick to the schedule as much as I can

Bee, will you be joining me?!

[Bea] The Happiness Diet 


In August 2015 I met the love of my life; he suddenly appeared in my life as a drop-dead gorgeous 5’’11 bearded, long-haired beauty. I never thought it was possible to experience this type of selfless and blissful love, to feel genuinely this happy.

 Before I met him, I had been contently single for nearly 10-12 months (after a few disastrous dating miss-haps), living by myself and milling around without a care in the world. A true ‘miss-independent’. However, during all of this, I somehow managed to slip down to an unnatural size 6-8. A fast metabolism maybe? Unintentionally skipping meals? Who knows, but I embraced this change in me for a while, buying fitted clothing and relishing my smaller waist.

 Fast-forward to August, I’ve met him and we’re dating. Along comes the ‘I love yous’ and not long after ‘I know you’re the one’ and everything in my life changed. I was skipping to work with a beamy smile on my face, telling anyone who would listen (and often exasperating my friends ;D) how wonderfully happy I was. Without even realising my small 6-8 waist gradually became a size 10.

 It was strange how sudden I had put on the weight, but I knew it was because I was happy. Initially I tried to fight it, but after time I began to understand that I was back at my natural weight. I am still exercising and eating right and I feel fantastic. My friend Toni eloquently summarised that it was ‘the happiness diet’.

 I think the point I am trying to convey is that if you keep yo-yoing between sizes, don’t fight it and embrace your natural beauty. It took love for me to love myself for who I am. I wish that I could have realised this on my own terms, but who am I to question the universe? It is what it is. Wholeheartedly accept that who you are is a gorgeous, engaging human being.


Je suis beautiful; be excellent to each-other ^~^ 


I am now three weeks into the New Year Tone It Up challenge. Here are some things I have noticed.

  1. People are trying to stick to the meal plan so much that they are not eating when they are genuinely hungry. Why would you do this?
  2. People are doing the toning routines 3 times through. That’s great, but you don’t need to! It’s not a competition.
  3. The meals are REALLY TASTY and I am not bored.
  4. You can still drink! Only a little though 😉


[Toni] Fit For Fall #CharityChallenge results!

Hello! Long time no post. I have been so busy trying to keep up with my workouts and just keeping the house clean and tidy that when I get to sit down I can’t be bothered to post. Oops!

I didn’t take my measurements at the end, but halfway through I had lost 1 inch on my hips, abs and waist so something worked! There has been a bit of progress but I just feel really good and healthy. I also looked back from a picture in January and there is a massive difference. I will share that in a month or so!

The main difference has been my backside haha, you can’t see it so much here but you can see my hips have toned up I think, and my belly is slightly flatter.

Anyway, I’ll keep it going and this time next year I will be so toned (I hope!)

Some of the workouts I’ve been doing:


For now I am just going to fit in what I can and try not to worry if I miss something on the schedule. I am also eating quite well, only having junk food when I REALLY crave it and can;t stop thinking about it all day. That way I only have a little bit and don’t go off track the rest of the time.


If anyone fancies joining in with another TIU challenge, I have signed up for their New Year one on – you can find the post in their ‘Fitness’ section! It will be a good way to get back on track after Christmas and New Year celebrations (we all know how much I scoff over that time – but I never regret it). I’m glad it starts on the 3rd so then I can still have time to eat all the leftovers!

Until next time x







[Toni] Fit For Fall Week 2


I am still in the zone for this challenge! Also just want to say well done to the Week 1 winners, you are all awesome.


Argh that damn Insane Cardio! I decided to do some indoor cardio instead of running (I will never get into running again bleh) and then completed 2 rounds of the 2nd half of the routine. BURPEES….still hate them. LOOK HOW TIRED I LOOK. I don’t do Monday’s. Still I felt good after.

4 2

I love the #TIUTeam! Surprisingly I enjoyed the new Ab routine on Give it a try!


All I can say with this Tripe Threat Booty Workout is….ouch my bum. It’ll be worth it. Also I really love the Beach Ball routine. I find trying to balance quite fun.


It’s October! I think this is my favourite month. Maybe that’s because it’s just after September when EVERYONE has their birthday and skints me out. I finally remember I made the Chocolate Courgette Bread from the Tone It Up Fall 2014 recipe guide – I added water to the mixture as I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to be, but when I make it again I will leave it out. Still nice though, spread with a bit of Almond Butter.

This week’s schedule has left my shoulders aching like mad and after the Arm routines this morning I am sure my biceps will be aching later too. It’s a good ache though!

Happy Friday!

[Toni] Charity Challenge!

Yes, I’m going to talk about Tone It Up again. This years Fall Challenge is even better! It starts 21st September and runs for 8 weeks I think? What’s so special about it? Karena & Katrina are going to donate $200 every week, to the charity of choice by the winner of that weeks check in. Of course I am joining in and I hope to raise some money for Diabetes UK.


I have already downloaded my starter pack and have downloaded the Charity Miles App too, so I can raise money while trying to get my 100 miles in over the challenge. There was no Diabetes one to choose on the App, but I chose the charity Every Mother Counts, which makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

I have been carrying on with my habit of morning exercise routines so I think that habit is ingrained in my now. I’ll keep you updated with my progress throughout the challenge. Who’s with me?