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[Toni] Focus on health

I’ve just opened my emails and found my newsletter from Neghar Fonooni. She is so brilliant! Everything she writes about is exactly my views on health and fitness, most importantly it’s about listening to your body.

Since I have finished the Bikini  Series challenge and took a holiday in Spain, I haven’t got back in to a rigid fitness routine. Now I know I definitely needed the rest and was actually pushing it too hard. The only consistent fitness for me is Zumba and badminton, because it is fun…although I think I need a break from badminton soon as I am starting to get frustrated with it.

Me and my Zumba buddy!

When I do workouts at home, I choose Tone It Up or Jessica Smith. I have done a couple of TIU ones the past couple of weeks and they are so much more challenging since I’ve relaxed a little bit. I find it much more enjoyable because of that.

Because that’s what exercise should be – fun!

I don’t set targets anymore, I just do what I feel like and it’s made me a happier person.

I think I’ve also broken free from the scales! I’m one of those people I see on social media that I always get jealous about. Am I finally free?! Let’s hope so.

I’m definitely swinging towards the more Body Positive side of things. You should try it, it’s awesome!


[Bea] The Happiness Diet 


In August 2015 I met the love of my life; he suddenly appeared in my life as a drop-dead gorgeous 5’’11 bearded, long-haired beauty. I never thought it was possible to experience this type of selfless and blissful love, to feel genuinely this happy.

 Before I met him, I had been contently single for nearly 10-12 months (after a few disastrous dating miss-haps), living by myself and milling around without a care in the world. A true ‘miss-independent’. However, during all of this, I somehow managed to slip down to an unnatural size 6-8. A fast metabolism maybe? Unintentionally skipping meals? Who knows, but I embraced this change in me for a while, buying fitted clothing and relishing my smaller waist.

 Fast-forward to August, I’ve met him and we’re dating. Along comes the ‘I love yous’ and not long after ‘I know you’re the one’ and everything in my life changed. I was skipping to work with a beamy smile on my face, telling anyone who would listen (and often exasperating my friends ;D) how wonderfully happy I was. Without even realising my small 6-8 waist gradually became a size 10.

 It was strange how sudden I had put on the weight, but I knew it was because I was happy. Initially I tried to fight it, but after time I began to understand that I was back at my natural weight. I am still exercising and eating right and I feel fantastic. My friend Toni eloquently summarised that it was ‘the happiness diet’.

 I think the point I am trying to convey is that if you keep yo-yoing between sizes, don’t fight it and embrace your natural beauty. It took love for me to love myself for who I am. I wish that I could have realised this on my own terms, but who am I to question the universe? It is what it is. Wholeheartedly accept that who you are is a gorgeous, engaging human being.


Je suis beautiful; be excellent to each-other ^~^ 

[Toni] 7 Day Slim Down

We don’t usually blog about diets and things but my work trousers are not even fastening at the moment, so I need to lose the few pounds I’ve put on! I think I put most of it on the week I was back at work; so much cake!

You might know I am a Tone It Up girl so I am kick starting the fat loss with the 7 Day Slim Down. It’s not a bad plan, I just miss the nuts for a snack!

Anyway, I stuck to the plan quite well! I did have the odd handful of crisps or a glass of fizzy drink here and there, but I knew if I didn’t have those I’d end up bingeing.

I ended up losing 5 inches overall!

1 off my abs and hips, 1.5 off my torso, 0.5 off my waist and arms and there must be one measurement I can’t remember as it definitely equalled 5. Anyway, I feel so much better!

The only thing I found hard was resisting ice-cream all week as it was so sunny and warm but I treated nyself to 1 today heehee.

The Wedding Diet


Today I thought I’d talk about my views on dieting for your wedding. I don’t know if I have mentioned that I am getting married very soon (2 weeks!) so I have been on forums and reading lots of blogs. Can’t get enough of wedding talk! I don’t know how I will cope once it’s over.

Anyway, I recently joined a group created by Kat Williams of Rock and Roll Bride. She made a group on Facebook and the posts have been so interesting – there are so many unique and awesome brides on there and it’s great seeing them all sharing their ideas for their big day.

A few people have started posting about dieting for their wedding. BOOO! Big thumbs down from me and many of the people on the group it seems. What is so amazing about the facebook group is that we all have the view that fad-dieting just for your wedding is a big no no! Your fiancée clearly loves you as you are and thinks your beautiful already, why change that? I personally think that picking a dress a size smaller and slimming to fit into it is silly. The wedding planning process should be enjoyable and you shouldn’t be stressing about whether you’ll fit into the dress. Trust me, it is stressful trying to slim into certain clothes sizes, I’ve been there and it’s always in your mind, which ends up ruining other things going on in your life as you don’t enjoy them properly. Brides to be, please remember that wedding dresses come up a size smaller in general anyway and if you are happy with your body right now, then you should find something that shows it off and suits you without having to change yourself.

If you fad diet, you’ll eat normally again after the wedding and the weight will come right back on and maybe more!

Kat Williams wrote a blog post which I skimmed through today and I think it’s a good message.

You’ve gone through life and bagged an amazing husband to be without having to diet, you don’t need to now. And make sure you eat all the best, stodgiest, fattiest food on your honeymoon! And ice-cream. Always ice-cream.

x Toni x

Mangoes, the gym and broccoli, oh my! 

I seem to be apart of the majority of people that can scoff food down like starving pig that has escaped onto a buffet table, almost like a duck, I don’t even need to chew ;D but barnyard analogies aside, I do this without even thinking about the implications to my insides. I used to get heart palpitations, dizzy spells and short breath. I knew that something needed to be done, so, I threw away the junk food (sob!) and joined the gym. 

Prior to the gym, I could easily devour a whole milk tray or a tub of ben and jerrys and this would be pretty much every night, after dinner, which would consist of a ready meal from Morrisons and not a healthy option either; macaroni cheese, chicken korma and pizza every week. I was a ticking time bomb of low to moderate exercise, starchy carbohydrates and fat. No wonder my health was suffering!

I walk to work every morning (40 minutes which I walk to with Death Metal blasting my eardrums) and on my jolly I go past a gym. Like a siren song, it started to call me, and every day I would get a little closer to just mending my bad habits and start again fresh. Junk food has a powerful hold over me. Alas, I had to put my heart and my health over my taste buds and weak-willed brain.

I got home one afternoon after a sunny walk in the woods with my BFF Toni and that was it, I had enough. I had my last meal of stuffed crust pizza and a pint of ice-cream and I vowed then that I would be good. I CAN BE GOOD. I went food shopping the next evening and bought fresh broccoli, sliced greens, carrots, squash et al and instead of chocolate and ice cream I snacked on mangoes, grapes, pineapple, nuts and summer mixed berries. Fresh lean meat and fish instead of processed meat. I won’t lie to you, the transition has been slow and sometimes I’ve stared longingly at the frozen desert section at Tesco’s wishing I could take three tubs home with me, but I am being strong and my resolve is stubborn.

Going to the gym three times a week has been surprisingly enjoyable! I’m a little annoyed at myself that I didn’t go sooner, but you live and learn. I have loved beating the crap out of the cross-trainer and pushing myself to go to higher levels on the stair mountain and just generally slowly turning my body into a machine.

I will occasionally let myself eat a pizza, because let’s face it, life is too damn short, but I am now aware that I can’t do this every night. I want to be alive to see my grandbabies and not keel over at 41 from a blocked valve in my heart.

My progress is slow and steady, but this is a new chapter in my life and I look forward to adding milestones on this lovely little blog. And I implore our readers, if you are in a similar situation to what I was in, just take a step backward and take a deep look at your eating habits, it doesn’t matter if you’re thin, fat or in the middle, what you eat becomes you. I want you all to have a long and happy life 🙂

I like hotdogs with mustard and beer.

There are literally hundreds of diets streaming across the internet these days; fad ones, serious ones and ones that won’t let you eat bacon and eggs on the third day of a new moon. Some work, some don’t, and more often than not once you have completed the diet you are left frustrated when a few days later the weight is back on your hips and arms.

Diet failures are something many of us know intimately and experience every so often. Everything’s going great, you’re eating your seven servings of fruit and veggies and doing your five mile morning run, and then one day, you let go for a week or so and it all goes back to square one.

 But fret no more, leading scientists* have discovered the best diet there is; you’ve tried the rest, now try the best..


It is called fresh air, sunshine, regular exercise (even if that is a brisk stroll around the park) and good wholesome food. Eat whatever the hell you want, in good moderation, and if someone criticizes your weight, well, eat them too 😉 


Let’s be real here, and more importantly honest, I LOVE FOOD. Homer Simpson said it best, ‘’Oh, I like food alright. I like pizza; I like bagels; I like hotdogs with mustard and beer. I’ll eat eggplant. I could even eat a ba-a-by deer.’’ So why deny yourself the pleasure of tucking into a cheeseburger, or a magnum ice cream every once in a while, you’re not doing it every night are you? Moderation is key here. You do not need to refuse yourself your favorite guilty pleasure snack, life is short, over in the blink of an eye.


So come away from those silly fad diets, come away from feeling ashamed that you couldn’t do those last two days on the new latest trendy diet, come away from missing out on days out and nights in with your friends and family because you had to keep to a schedule. Enjoy life, and foremost, enjoy food.


By all means, I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t diet, a lot of people need to for medical reasons, and many like to just to blow off some steam. All I am suggesting is that it does not need to consume your life. So long as you are getting moderate exercise and you eat a broad variety of food, that should be all you need to stay healthy.


So, on that note…


It’s Friday gals, have a glass of wine and some cheesecake, your brain and taste buds will thank you for it.


*obviously not true, but you know, everyone is a comedian.. 😉