[Toni] Show me those pearly whites

This morning I couldn’t remember if I had cleaned my teeth last night but I did. Then I thought I would do a blog post about something I nag my friends about.

The dentist.

Some people get nervous and are scared of the dentist (but I don’t get why!).

You gotta go every 6 months. Just go. The more regular you attend,  the quicker the appointments are. I go every 6 months and am always told my teeth are really clean. No fillings for me!
Another excuse I always get is that it is expensive. Um, not really? If you’d spend £18 on a tshirt and not a check up, then your priorities are wrong.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound like I am having a go but I think it’s important.

They don’t just check your teeth, they check your gums, tongue etc and if they spot any infections just beginning,  at least it is dealt with before it gets really bad (and before it is too bad and gets expensive!).

I notice some people are self conscious about it so don’t want to smile, but what’s more beautiful than a genuine big grin?


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