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[Toni] What is wrong with you High Street?

Argh I’m getting so frustrated trying to find new clothes that fit recently! I just don’t understand how some bottoms I can be a size small and it’s still a bit big and then other times a size 12 is digging in or I can’t even do it up!

It’s easy to let this get into your head and you start thinking “oh I need to lose weight then I will fit into it.”


Clothes shops for some reason have different measurements for the ‘same size’ (huh?) and it’s so confusing. You just have to remember, if you pick up a size 16 it doesn’t mean you will actually look like you are size 16 – not that that is a problem anyway. I’ve known so many people who refuse to try on the bigger size just because of the number. It doesn’t mean you have put on 10 stone all of a sudden!

Saw this on twitter – love Kat!

H&M are definitely the worst culprits. I’ve tried on some skirts and trousers in a size small and they are too big, yet a size 14 trouser sometimes doesn’t fit (I am 12 by the way).

I’m finding at the moment if I try on size 12 dresses, they are always too big at the top. Designers, please remember that just because people are size 12 it doesn’t mean they have a DD cup size. Some of my tops are size 8!

So girls, don’t worry if you are fitting in a big size or a small size – the number does not matter. As long as you feel good, that is all that counts.


[Toni] Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I went for the chop last week! I have been so bored with my hair as I hadn’t had it cut for ages, so I decided to do something I’ve never done before – get it short! I couldn’t get used to it at first but now I really like it.


I now need to just dye it red.

I also finally got to wear this dress I brought from Sugarhill Boutique – I love this shop! I go to the one in Brighton whenever I visit.


Anyway, I guess the main reason of this post is to say – don’t be afraid to do something different! I was so nervous cutting my hair but I didn’t let it stop me. I was also wary of wearing my dress as I am so paranoid about my belly, but everyone has said it’s nice and pretty so I made a good decision to wear. Why would I buy something to just waste it hanging in my wardrobe? Too many times people let their nerves get in the way of them changing their lives for the better – you shouldn’t! You should embrace everything, try new things all the time and if stuff doesn’t work out, then at least you tried and you know now.