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[Toni] Bikini Series 2016

Oh wow, there is so much hype for the next Tone It Up Bikini Series! It’s all strangely exciting.

I’ve received my starter pack so I can start prepping. I am determined to stick to the whole 8 weeks this time as it leads right up to my holiday in June. I’ve already started getting back into morning workouts. TIU are releasing another 8 week meal plan for members but I’ll decide when I see it whether I want to follow it or not. I’m doing pretty well using Slimming World recipes, so I can see myself just using the meal plan as a guide.


The little group of friends I have made through TIU has helped hype the challenge up for sure. We are so on it this year!

I’m pretty happy with my abs this time! It’s my hips and back that I would love to tone, so maybe I will have some good results to share with you in 8 weeks time!


  1. Complete the 100 mile challenge on my bike
  2. Body Pump once a week
  3. Keep up with kick-boxing videos
  4. Stick to the schedule as much as I can

Bee, will you be joining me?!


[Toni] 7 Day Slim Down

We don’t usually blog about diets and things but my work trousers are not even fastening at the moment, so I need to lose the few pounds I’ve put on! I think I put most of it on the week I was back at work; so much cake!

You might know I am a Tone It Up girl so I am kick starting the fat loss with the 7 Day Slim Down. It’s not a bad plan, I just miss the nuts for a snack!

Anyway, I stuck to the plan quite well! I did have the odd handful of crisps or a glass of fizzy drink here and there, but I knew if I didn’t have those I’d end up bingeing.

I ended up losing 5 inches overall!

1 off my abs and hips, 1.5 off my torso, 0.5 off my waist and arms and there must be one measurement I can’t remember as it definitely equalled 5. Anyway, I feel so much better!

The only thing I found hard was resisting ice-cream all week as it was so sunny and warm but I treated nyself to 1 today heehee.

Bikini Series: Weeks 4&5

I’d started a draft on Weeks 4 and 5 of the Bikini Series but I can’t even remember what I was going to write! I know they were good though! I’m starting to let the odd treat back in now and again but it has been birthdays so it is allowed!

My love for yoga came back!

Ooh my sweet potato and beetroot salad! That was nice.

Turkey and quinoa burgers

Overall – a good 2 weeks!

5 Day Slim Down Review – Toni


Well I am now on Day 5 of the 5DSD. It’s gone okay. Overall, I wasn’t as perfect as I could have been, but it’s boring to be perfect! The plan helped me cut down on a lot of needless snacks I was eating and kept me moving every day, which is what I wanted out of it.

An egg and bacon sandwich slipped in to the diet on Sunday morning. Jim made it for me so I was grateful that he made me breakfast and I ate it without guilt. My worst day was yesterday (Day 4). I ate my lunch too late and went on a 2 mile walk over lunch. I was so hungry by the time we got back I could have eaten for England. I had my salad, a Nakd bar and the whole afternoon I was just craving sugar. I ended up eating some Peanut Butter M&M’s and biscuits and I don’t feel guilty about that either. My body was telling me I needed them for energy!

I gained a new obsession: rice paper wraps! I just had them with grated carrot, courgette, avocado and tomato with a bit of seasoning and they were so good!. I also loved my chocolate cherry smoothie and gained back my love of simple green smoothies! Liz brought some chocolate edamame beans for us to try – they are so tasty! They were covered in dark chocolate so not too bad for you.

Here are some of the exercise videos I tried:





I’m now aiming to continue practicing yoga everyday, concentrating on stretching, balance and flexibility to help strengthen my core and improve my Scoliosis.

I came across @elle_fit on Instagram, who is a self taught Yogi with Scoliosis too.Yoga has improved her back so much and she is one flexible girl! Hopefully following her will keep me motivated to work on my stretches too. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Have a good day!