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[Toni] 5 Weeks of BBG


Just realised we haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would just give a quick update of my Bikini Body Guide progress.

During weeks 3 and 4 I was getting really bored of the repetitive moves, but week 5 changed it up a little so I felt happier with that one. Love doing squats so I was enjoying the legs and cardio for once! I can just about cope with burpees now.


2 days later and I’m editing this draft. Arms and Abs this morning sucked! I actually said out loud “this is so shiiit” haha. So this morning has been spent debating whether to continue or not. I did say to my friends “why do I want to spend time in my life doing something I hate?”


Oh and I also just read this on Wonderful You’s blog “Don’t get me wrong, we need to push ourselves, but do what’s right for you – what’s working for someone else might just not be your bag and that’s totally fine..”

So here I am declaring NO MORE KAYLA! I did a Tone It Up workout the other morning and loved it, so I’m going back to those.

I don’t think the “clean eating” thing is working for me either. So mayybbeee I will try out some Slimming World recipes for a month, see how that makes me feel.

I’ll keep you posted!


Ashley Graham, you, are beautiful. 

Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.

The reason I bring this up, is the damaging and thoughtless comments uttered by Edwina Currie about Ashley Graham and her striking, curvaceous size 14 body.

You may have seen in the news that she was on the front of the Sports Illustrated magazine and simply oozed confidence and sexuality. She looked into that camera and her eyes said ‘’this is me, I am beautiful.’’

Ashley Graham is curvy, stunning and a picture of health. Most women would sell their left kidney to look like her. Edwina wrongly states that her ‘’plus size’’ body encourages obesity. What planet is this woman from? Ashley Graham has embraced WHO SHE IS.

I can’t speak for her, but in a world where women and girls all over the world are starving themselves every day to fill the visions of deluded fashion designers, she is a breath of fresh air!

What Edwina fails to grasp is that you can exercise, eat the right foods and still be healthy whether you’re a size 14 or 8 or 4. The human body comes in all wonderful and beautiful shapes and sizes, and Ashley Graham has given the industry a gigantic boost for diversity on our catwalks and highstreets.

She is an example of someone who epitomizes health and has a lot of gusto.

She is the role model I would have wanted as a young woman, and is now. A healthy and gorgeous body to be proud of.

You are all beautiful, be excellent to each other.

[Toni] Counting Macros

Macros. I’ve seen this a lot but it never really fussed me to look into it much. When my friends decided to count theirs, it turns out most of them were not eating enough protein. I was curious what my macros would be so decided to check. I can’t remember what website I went on now, so apologies!

Anyway, macros are the amount of protein, fat and carbs you should be eating everyday. I’m not sure exactly how to work them out from the top of my head, but it is basically calculating calories you need everyday from your weight and then I put in whether I preferred high fat/high carb/high protein diet etc.

My macros are:

Protein: 150g

Fat: 75g

Carbs: 131g

If you google it you can find lots of websites to calculate them for you.

My fitness pal calculates them but they were lower, so I am aiming to hit MFP goals everyday and if I go slightly over it doesn’t matter. What I have learnt is that I was not eating enough everyday, and it was all high in sugar.

This week I have been working on eating less sugar and upping my protein (I was eating nowhere near enough!). So I have just devoured a boiled egg and small chicken breast for a snack. So yummy and satisfying! I had protein pancakes for breakfast with greek yoghurt and raspberries – I was so full and they tasted so good.

Doing this on top of Kayla Istines Bikini Body Guide 1 for nearly 2 weeks, I have seen results already! It’s been great being able to eat more and still lose inches. I’ve been depriving my body for so long, it’s scary how easy it is to not realise!

I’ll let you know my progress with BBG – I am determined to last 12 weeks! With the support of my TIU UK girls I know we can all do it!


I am now three weeks into the New Year Tone It Up challenge. Here are some things I have noticed.

  1. People are trying to stick to the meal plan so much that they are not eating when they are genuinely hungry. Why would you do this?
  2. People are doing the toning routines 3 times through. That’s great, but you don’t need to! It’s not a competition.
  3. The meals are REALLY TASTY and I am not bored.
  4. You can still drink! Only a little though 😉


[Toni] Fit For Fall Week 2


I am still in the zone for this challenge! Also just want to say well done to the Week 1 winners, you are all awesome.


Argh that damn Insane Cardio! I decided to do some indoor cardio instead of running (I will never get into running again bleh) and then completed 2 rounds of the 2nd half of the routine. BURPEES….still hate them. LOOK HOW TIRED I LOOK. I don’t do Monday’s. Still I felt good after.

4 2

I love the #TIUTeam! Surprisingly I enjoyed the new Ab routine on Give it a try!


All I can say with this Tripe Threat Booty Workout is….ouch my bum. It’ll be worth it. Also I really love the Beach Ball routine. I find trying to balance quite fun.


It’s October! I think this is my favourite month. Maybe that’s because it’s just after September when EVERYONE has their birthday and skints me out. I finally remember I made the Chocolate Courgette Bread from the Tone It Up Fall 2014 recipe guide – I added water to the mixture as I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to be, but when I make it again I will leave it out. Still nice though, spread with a bit of Almond Butter.

This week’s schedule has left my shoulders aching like mad and after the Arm routines this morning I am sure my biceps will be aching later too. It’s a good ache though!

Happy Friday!

[Toni] Charity Challenge!

Yes, I’m going to talk about Tone It Up again. This years Fall Challenge is even better! It starts 21st September and runs for 8 weeks I think? What’s so special about it? Karena & Katrina are going to donate $200 every week, to the charity of choice by the winner of that weeks check in. Of course I am joining in and I hope to raise some money for Diabetes UK.


I have already downloaded my starter pack and have downloaded the Charity Miles App too, so I can raise money while trying to get my 100 miles in over the challenge. There was no Diabetes one to choose on the App, but I chose the charity Every Mother Counts, which makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

I have been carrying on with my habit of morning exercise routines so I think that habit is ingrained in my now. I’ll keep you updated with my progress throughout the challenge. Who’s with me?

[Toni] Energy energy energy

Last week I felt CRAP. All week I only did badminton for exercise, barely anything else. Just felt slugglish and tired and run down. This week I dragged myself out of bed Monday morning to do make myself do some exercise and my energy the whole day was 100 times better! Yeah it’s hard at first getting up but the feeling you get after the exercise is so worth it. I wake myself with a coffee and scroll through Instagram for 30 mins and then I’m ready for it all.

I’ve kept up with the schedule on all week and have felt SO much better. Love it! Just got to keep it up now. My eating is back on track too and my leather jacket already feels more comfortable around the arms.
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I’m not saying that you must get up every single day in the early hours of the morning and do the hardest workout you can find, but if you can squeeze in just 30 mins at least everyday, you’ll surprise yourself with how good you can feel. Give it a try 😀

[Toni] Instagram catch-up

Hey, just thought I’d share some snaps from my instagram page.

I reposted this as I thought it was a good message. Every now and then I notice girls obsessing too much and I don’t think we should.

A yummy salad and Jim’s homemade burgers for our BBQ on Saturday. SO TASTY.

I decided to follow the 28 day Fit Fierce and Fabulous Challenge by Tone It Up. My goal isn’t to follow the meals and workouts to the letter, but to get up in the morning for a walk or yoga everyday, be more positive and cut out the junk food I have been eating everyday. So far so good!

What’s your favourite BBQ food?

[Toni] When ‘health’ becomes an obsession

I’ve just read this:

“Another 1000 calorie workout today and I was fasting!! Felt a little unwell half way through but managed to carry on. Hope I’m even now with the food but will do another 1000 calorie workout this week or maybe another 2 !! But keeping it light tomorrow with just lower body”

I’m seeing far too many sentences like this lately. I think when people focus on calorie intake and calories burned more than enjoying food and fitness, it becomes an unhealthy obsession.

Of course you might end up doing a workout that does burn 1000 calories but in my opinion, it should be something you find fun and you didn’t plan to burn that much. And then you should eat enough food to give you energy for it. I don’t think that planning these workouts 3 or 4 times a week on a low calorie diet is that healthy for you to be honest.

Life is short, you never know what’s around the corner. Eat the food you love and what makes you feel good. Never get to the point where you feel faint and weak (please!). Even as I am writing this I feel a bit low on energy, so guess what? I’ll eat a snack! Apple and greek yoghurt, yummy.

Do exercise that you find fun! I went to Zumba last night and it helped me decide to quit the gym. The gym is boring! But if you love it then you stick at it, everyone is different!

JUST DON’T OBSESS. It’s not worth it.