[Bea] No shame

In response to those disgusting and offensive cards handed out on the tubes this week shaming women and men for being overweight, I’ll be going online and ordering some business size cards with notes to say ‘you are beautiful’ and I’ll be taking them with me everywhere I go, spreading the message that there are 7billion of us on this planet and the differences are remarkable and fantastic. Could you imagine a world with all of us the same? Life would be predictable and not very fun.

And you pathetic people out there, what right do you have to judge and ridicule those who are different from you? So what if they are overweight? They are still human beings with thoughts, love and feelings.

Readers, you know our stance on this issue. Ignore the naysayers, the thoughtless fools who think they are above themselves and have the right to abuse and destroy your confidence.

We are above all of this. We are beautiful.

Now go and enjoy your weekend. I’ll be tucking into a pizza, a whiskey or five and enjoying myself; as you should be.

Be excellent to each other!


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