[Toni] Fit For Fall #CharityChallenge results!

Hello! Long time no post. I have been so busy trying to keep up with my workouts and just keeping the house clean and tidy that when I get to sit down I can’t be bothered to post. Oops!

I didn’t take my measurements at the end, but halfway through I had lost 1 inch on my hips, abs and waist so something worked! There has been a bit of progress but I just feel really good and healthy. I also looked back from a picture in January and there is a massive difference. I will share that in a month or so!

The main difference has been my backside haha, you can’t see it so much here but you can see my hips have toned up I think, and my belly is slightly flatter.

Anyway, I’ll keep it going and this time next year I will be so toned (I hope!)

Some of the workouts I’ve been doing:


For now I am just going to fit in what I can and try not to worry if I miss something on the schedule. I am also eating quite well, only having junk food when I REALLY crave it and can;t stop thinking about it all day. That way I only have a little bit and don’t go off track the rest of the time.


If anyone fancies joining in with another TIU challenge, I have signed up for their New Year one on self.com – you can find the post in their ‘Fitness’ section! It will be a good way to get back on track after Christmas and New Year celebrations (we all know how much I scoff over that time – but I never regret it). I’m glad it starts on the 3rd so then I can still have time to eat all the leftovers!

Until next time x








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