You are all beautiful :)

It’s been about eight months now since Toni and I decided to write this blog, and it started me thinking about all of the positive changes that I have noticed in life since its birth. So many people are starting to become more accepting, more conscientious of their words and how they affect people and more so, understanding that human beings are fragile and complex and can’t be pigeon holed into tiny boxes with labels. 

Since the blog started I have seen more and more reporters in the media, models in the industry and just like-minded people like you and I making a positive impact on an outdated and shallow mind-set. People are celebrating their beautiful bodies and (hopefully) realising that life has so much more to offer than worrying if you can tuck into that extra jaffa cake or put a mountain of cheese on your potato; because guess what? YOU CAN.


From music band Curves Allowed coming together in sisterhood to honour their gorgeous and voluptuous bodies, and promote a body-positive song to a size two (they told her she was too fat!) model Charli Howard making waves about how unfair the industry standards are regarding realistic sizing, we are certainly coming along. It’s not going to happen overnight, but steadily we are making a stand that body acceptance is an important issue and I’m excited to see what other impacts there will be in the future.


Eight months ago a pair of best friends banded together, fed up with being chastised about their ‘’fat’’ bodies decided to write and tell you wonderful readers that whoever you are, wherever you are, no matter what anyone tells you… you are gorgeous just as you are. Shout it, celebrate it and rest assured I’ll keep reiterating this point at every opportunity, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.



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