[Toni] Fit For Fall Week 2


I am still in the zone for this challenge! Also just want to say well done to the Week 1 winners, you are all awesome.


Argh that damn Insane Cardio! I decided to do some indoor cardio instead of running (I will never get into running again bleh) and then completed 2 rounds of the 2nd half of the routine. BURPEES….still hate them. LOOK HOW TIRED I LOOK. I don’t do Monday’s. Still I felt good after.

4 2

I love the #TIUTeam! Surprisingly I enjoyed the new Ab routine on toneitup.com. Give it a try!


All I can say with this Tripe Threat Booty Workout is….ouch my bum. It’ll be worth it. Also I really love the Beach Ball routine. I find trying to balance quite fun.


It’s October! I think this is my favourite month. Maybe that’s because it’s just after September when EVERYONE has their birthday and skints me out. I finally remember I made the Chocolate Courgette Bread from the Tone It Up Fall 2014 recipe guide – I added water to the mixture as I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to be, but when I make it again I will leave it out. Still nice though, spread with a bit of Almond Butter.

This week’s schedule has left my shoulders aching like mad and after the Arm routines this morning I am sure my biceps will be aching later too. It’s a good ache though!

Happy Friday!


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