Models Law


It’s a drastic and harsh hashtag, but I think when it comes to potentially life threatening situations, you can’t pussyfoot around, sentences like ‘’we want you down to the bone’’ should be terminated from vocabulary and someone is campaigning for just that, in a sense.


23 year old Rosie Nelson has called out fashion designers who plagued and hounded her to lose weight. At an already petite size, she was told to lose a further two inches from her waist and made to go up to ten hours without food. Absolutely incredulous behaviour and a total disregard for a human beings natural desire and need to eat. Rosie has fought back and has petitioned the government here in the UK to protect models from getting dangerously underweight which has already garnered over 50,000 signatures. I encourage you to sign with me; and we can help implement a more safer and natural body size for these women.


The fashion industry is slowly turning, but it is a prolonged evolution. It’s high time they stopped viewing humans as coat hangers and embraced humanity for its unique flaws and complexities. How vibrant and eye catching would the cat-walks be with variety and diversity?


It’s a long road ahead, but with the help of high profile models like Rosie Nelson making a storm and waves, there is hope yet.


Please sign that petition, it is a worthwhile cause. Let’s make a noise, a clamour and get these girls, women (and men!) a more regulated industry!



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