Hassel-Back potatoes, you know you want some.

This past weekend was my 27th birthday where I was whisked away to Bournemouth to spend it with my lovely boyfriend Laurence. Deciding that we’d rather stay in on the Saturday night and watch the Ghostbusters box-set, we set about making some tasty and delicious comfort foodies in the form of Hassel-back potatoes. These mouth-watering potatoes originated in Sweden, and are named after the Hasselbacken Hotel and restaurant in Stockholm. 

If you are intrigued by the sound of these tasty little guys, the recipe is easy-peasy lemon squeezy and after little preparation you too can sit down and sample some of Sweden’s delectable treasures.


First of all, get yourself some good quality Maris piper potatoes. Give ‘em a good hard scrubbing’ in the sink and then place on the chopping board. You can leave the skins on for extra flavour. Pop the oven on gas mask 6/7 depending on how efficient it is. Get a sharp knife and thinly slice down the potato width ways, about ¾ of the way down.


Get some real butter, melt some small cubes in the microwave and then gently brush over and inside the potato careful not to break the bottom. Once finished buttering them, bung in the oven and let those babies get nicely baked for 30 minutes.


Once the timer has chimed, slip into your oven knit, open up the oven and breathe in deeply at that lovely buttery mashy smell. Melt some more cubes of butter and again, brush on gently. Place back into the oven for another 10 minutes and then get out your frying pan. This is what we did to enhance the already amazing Hassel-backs but you can add anything your heart’s desire.


On the frying pan, add a small bit of butter and fry up some smoked bacon bits with sliced red onion and chopped chive. Cook until nice and crispy, or until your preferred state. Pop to one side.


Get your potatoes out of the oven and carefully put on another baking tray. Grate your preferred cheese (we used mature, extra strong cheddar) inside and on top of the potatoes and then spoon on your bacon bits, grate on more cheese and pop back in the oven for 10 more minutes.


Laurence and I did this as main meal with two potatoes each and some asparagus, but you can get smaller potatoes and make as a side-dish to a main meal.


Let me know if you do this recipe, your thoughts on it and send a photo. If you’ve made these before and can give me some techniques for improvement, send them through!

 Ciao x


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