[Toni] Charity Challenge!

Yes, I’m going to talk about Tone It Up again. This years Fall Challenge is even better! It starts 21st September and runs for 8 weeks I think? What’s so special about it? Karena & Katrina are going to donate $200 every week, to the charity of choice by the winner of that weeks check in. Of course I am joining in and I hope to raise some money for Diabetes UK.


I have already downloaded my starter pack and have downloaded the Charity Miles App too, so I can raise money while trying to get my 100 miles in over the challenge. There was no Diabetes one to choose on the App, but I chose the charity Every Mother Counts, which makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

I have been carrying on with my habit of morning exercise routines so I think that habit is ingrained in my now. I’ll keep you updated with my progress throughout the challenge. Who’s with me?


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