[Toni] Energy energy energy

Last week I felt CRAP. All week I only did badminton for exercise, barely anything else. Just felt slugglish and tired and run down. This week I dragged myself out of bed Monday morning to do make myself do some exercise and my energy the whole day was 100 times better! Yeah it’s hard at first getting up but the feeling you get after the exercise is so worth it. I wake myself with a coffee and scroll through Instagram for 30 mins and then I’m ready for it all.

I’ve kept up with the schedule on toneitup.com all week and have felt SO much better. Love it! Just got to keep it up now. My eating is back on track too and my leather jacket already feels more comfortable around the arms.
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I’m not saying that you must get up every single day in the early hours of the morning and do the hardest workout you can find, but if you can squeeze in just 30 mins at least everyday, you’ll surprise yourself with how good you can feel. Give it a try 😀


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