Give them the two finger salute!

I have just read the most shameful article; a nightclub promoter in London is refusing women and men entry on the grounds of them being too fat or not attractive enough, and I quote ‘’Nightclub promoters in London are telling people they will be refused entry if they are considered ‘too fat’. The nightclub promoters also say older guests, anyone who isn’t pretty enough and anyone who is too short may face refusal at the door.’’ 

This is horrifying, we live in the 21st century people! Why is discrimination on this level still happening? I’m not the party animal I used to be but if I should choose to dress up in my best dress, de-frizz my hair and slip on my heels, I shouldn’t be made to feel apprehensive that as soon as I turn up to a club I will be turned away because my 5’’4 height is not adequate, or my gorgeous size 14 friend is not slim enough.


I can’t believe that this shallow superficial trite is still happening.


Fridays nights should be about blowing off work, enjoying happy hour, girly gossips and dancing. Every night for that matter.


The nightclub is obviously disputing this, trying to control the damage made by these disgusting comments, but it’s done. I for one will avoid any place that makes me feel second rate and unworthy. I will spend my hard earned cash elsewhere.


So all of you fantastic and vibrant readers, stick two fingers up at these outdated and callous promoters and we will party at places that accept and embrace every inch of our unique and fabulous beauty.


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