[Toni] 7 Day Slim Down

We don’t usually blog about diets and things but my work trousers are not even fastening at the moment, so I need to lose the few pounds I’ve put on! I think I put most of it on the week I was back at work; so much cake!

You might know I am a Tone It Up girl so I am kick starting the fat loss with the 7 Day Slim Down. It’s not a bad plan, I just miss the nuts for a snack!

Anyway, I stuck to the plan quite well! I did have the odd handful of crisps or a glass of fizzy drink here and there, but I knew if I didn’t have those I’d end up bingeing.

I ended up losing 5 inches overall!

1 off my abs and hips, 1.5 off my torso, 0.5 off my waist and arms and there must be one measurement I can’t remember as it definitely equalled 5. Anyway, I feel so much better!

The only thing I found hard was resisting ice-cream all week as it was so sunny and warm but I treated nyself to 1 today heehee.


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