The Wedding Diet


Today I thought I’d talk about my views on dieting for your wedding. I don’t know if I have mentioned that I am getting married very soon (2 weeks!) so I have been on forums and reading lots of blogs. Can’t get enough of wedding talk! I don’t know how I will cope once it’s over.

Anyway, I recently joined a group created by Kat Williams of Rock and Roll Bride. She made a group on Facebook and the posts have been so interesting – there are so many unique and awesome brides on there and it’s great seeing them all sharing their ideas for their big day.

A few people have started posting about dieting for their wedding. BOOO! Big thumbs down from me and many of the people on the group it seems. What is so amazing about the facebook group is that we all have the view that fad-dieting just for your wedding is a big no no! Your fiancée clearly loves you as you are and thinks your beautiful already, why change that? I personally think that picking a dress a size smaller and slimming to fit into it is silly. The wedding planning process should be enjoyable and you shouldn’t be stressing about whether you’ll fit into the dress. Trust me, it is stressful trying to slim into certain clothes sizes, I’ve been there and it’s always in your mind, which ends up ruining other things going on in your life as you don’t enjoy them properly. Brides to be, please remember that wedding dresses come up a size smaller in general anyway and if you are happy with your body right now, then you should find something that shows it off and suits you without having to change yourself.

If you fad diet, you’ll eat normally again after the wedding and the weight will come right back on and maybe more!

Kat Williams wrote a blog post which I skimmed through today and I think it’s a good message.

You’ve gone through life and bagged an amazing husband to be without having to diet, you don’t need to now. And make sure you eat all the best, stodgiest, fattiest food on your honeymoon! And ice-cream. Always ice-cream.

x Toni x


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