Bikini Series Challenge – Week 1


Oh wow, I have only been following the Bikini Series meal plan for 1 and a half weeks and I feel so much better already. No more bloating, feel leaner and happier and my nails seem to be in better condition. I haven’t been bored with the meals – in face, they have all been really tasty. Even Jim is loving them!

This was my favourite breakfast! 3 scrambled eggs, mushrooms, peppers and salsa in tortilla wraps!

I kept up with the exercise plan on the first week, but this week I have caught the beginnings of a chest infection/flu so have been taking it easy to recover (in time for my hen do on Saturday ah!).

There were a lot of chia puddings, black beans and protein blueberry muffins and all so yummy.

Coconut and Macadamia Crusted Fish

All the girls on the TIU Team are so supportive to each other, which makes the plan even easier. Looking forward to getting back into the exercise – the new HIIT routine looks really effective!

Have a good week!



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