Love, cheesecake.

Last night Pink (the singer) gave her critics a well-deserved and candid message about her ‘apparent’ weight gain (I know, I couldn’t see it either) and she rightfully slammed them in her own sarcastic and droll way and it was amazing.

Pink is absolutely right, her message in on point and it couldn’t be more vital in today’s very narrow minded and short-sighted view on body and beauty. In this day and age, beauty should be celebrated as unique and not whatever the day’s current trend is. Whether you are a size 6 up to a size 24 and beyond, you are not what you are on the outside; it is inside that counts. Your character, your soul, what you give to the world. That is what matters. 

I whole heartedly congratulate Pink, I’m not so much a fan of her music but I support her message. It shouldn’t have to be this way, but if more people in the spotlight were her way inclined with how she thinks and accepts herself for who she is, the world could be a much brighter and accepting place and who knows what we could achieve.


You are an inspiration Pink, a fantastic role model and you are beautiful.


The link to her message can be found below.


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