Bloggers that helped me [Toni]

Getting to a place where you can love your body is not easy (believe me, I still struggle).
The following bloggers got me to feel so much more confident in myself and I think you should check out these kick arse ladies.

Kat obviously blogs about weddings a lot, but she also talks about running a business, loving yourself and gaining heaps of confidence too. Most importantly, how to have fun!

The first body confidence blog that I came across. She is the one that made me wake up to all the media bullshit!

Nia posts a lot about fitness but also wrote a short advice book about how to stop binge eating (I was beginning to get into that cycle at the time). Really insightful.

I am new to this blog but have come across a few brilliant posts on loving yourself. She also created a Radical Self Love Bootcamp that you can do online. Check it out!

I follow her instagram and this woman oozes confidence, which makes me feel that I want to be that way too.

So there you have it. I hope you like the links I have picked! Please feel free to share anymore that you know of. Spread the self love message!


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