I’ll never forget the kindness of strangers. 

As a society, most of us are typically very private people, not accustomed to prying or interfering and I am here to challenge my readers, but I’ll get to that soon…


I read a story a few days ago that really touched me, a lady boarded the tube in London, sat down and burst into tears. She cried into her hands for a good ten or so minutes and the people that surrounded her looked up once and then carried on reading their paper, or checking their phone or just casually looked away and out of the window (I’m not going to harp on that that is a bad thing to do, because it isn’t, so bear with me and keep on reading)

A man, probably feeling very nervous or apprehensive, stood up and went over to her, he sat with her and asked what was wrong. She didn’t say anything for a while and he gently prodded and coaxed her. She sighed a deep breath and told him quietly that her cancer had spread and it was terminal, she was undoubtedly heartbroken by the news. He sat with her for the rest of the journey and listened to her tell him about her family, her friends, her wishes and dreams. 


I know that this blog post has little to do with body acceptance or confidence, but I felt it was an important message. Each of us have our own story, lead our own lives, and that’s the key word here ‘’own’’, and I challenge you; if you see someone upset, reach out to them, your small act of kindness could be their saving grace. Bless you all.  


“When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us to develop inner happiness and peace.” – the 14th Dalai Lama 

Have any of you had an experience like the one above? Please share 🙂


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