How to: Have a Happy Life

  • Make a hot chocolate from scratch
  • Decorate your desk/workspace
  • Keep photo albums
  • Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t like just because it’s trendy
  • Don’t try to fit in
  • Make friends with people who have the same sense of humour as you
  • Sing at the top of your voice
  • Make your own cocktails
  • Buy an outfit that isn’t usually ‘you’
  • Stay away from the gossip
  • Eat the things you truly love
  • Stay away from obsessive calorie counters
  • Travel to unusual places and explore
  • Don’t succumb to the expectations of others
  • Keep a journal
  • Wear glitter make-up to parties
  • Dance
  • Try new recipes
  • Make exercise fun, not a chore
  • Fit in as many BBQ’s and beach days in the summer as you can
  • Have evenings in where you do nothing but watch TV
  • Practise yoga
  • Sleep in at weekends

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