Sleep is not for the weak

So yesterday I posted on my instagram a plea to get all you fitness lovers to get some extra sleep!


I’ve noticed some Tone It Up girls saying that they cannot move when it comes to waking up, but they end up forcing themselves anyway. Um, maybe your body is telling you it needs some rest to repair itself? Just because you miss one session doesn’t mean all your hard work will be undone.

I burnt myself out last week getting up too early every morning to squeeze in some exercise that I ended up hurting my back. Some people will ignore the warning from their body and start all over again once they feel better but I’ve decided to listen to it. I’ve got some extra sleep this week, actually feel slimmer and my skin is clearer. I’ve changed my morning cardio to doing yoga and stretching, walking more and sweating less. This doesn’t mean I am a failure! You shouldn’t feel that way either. Exercise harder when you feel like you’ve got the energy but I would say, definitely DO NOT force it. Let go of the guilt and look after yourselves my friends.



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