Quitting Sugar – Week 1

Hey guys! Hope you've all had a good week. Did anyone try the recipes we've posted? I made some more houmous this week but used lime juice and no garlic this time. I will have it on rice cakes or pitta bread as an afternoon snack.

So, Week 1 of quitting sugar is done. You only need to cut down rather than cut it out for the first week so it hasn't been too bad. I've changed my breakfasts from porridge, banana, peanut butter and honey to eggs, toast and bacon. I also tried the Coco-nutty Granola recipe from the book, with greek yoghurt. I had it with almond butter a couple of times as I was so hungry and it was really filling.


My cheese intake went up but hopefully I wasn't eating too much. No guilt there though.


Popcorn was my saviour. And boiled eggs! Can't get enough of those.

I noticed I was only eating when hungry and I was a lot more satisfied with my bacon and eggs. I struggled for a couple of days but the craving for sugar wasn't enough for me to break it.


I had a treat day yesterday – my parents came over and brought round chocolate muffins especially. 1 won't hurt as I'm still in the cutting down phase. I will have to make sure they know for week 3 when I cut it completely.

Oh, I had a night out and drank a lot of wine and ate chips and nachos. No guilt there either as I have been so good! Gotta have some fun, right?


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