I’ve stupidly binged on sugar the last couple of days. I feel bloated and sluggish and horrible. However, I know the feeling won’t last long. I am gearing up to follow the ‘I Quit Sugar 8 Week Programme’ by Sarah Wilson.

You can find this on sale on The Book People website for a fiver, or Tesco are apparently selling it for £7 at the moment (so they end up costing the same if ordered from The Book People which includes a delivery charge).

I heard about this book a while ago but at the time I think I was in denial mode and wasn’t ready to try it (give up dried dates <i>and</i> honey – I don’t think so!).

Now, I am ready. I’m fed up of craving something sweet for breakfast, snacks and after meals and it needs to stop. On the plus side, I can eat loads of eggs and meat and cheese and veg and meat and avocado, so it’s not all bad.

I’m only doing this plan to stop relying on sugar and any weight loss is just a bonus.
<i>Side note: if you are trying to lose weight, DEFINITELY take before and regular progress pictures. I just did this for the Tone It Up Love Your Body 2015 series and you notice the changes far more in the pictures than you do in the mirror.</i>

The not so good thing is that I’ve been a bit uncontrollable around sugar for the past couple of days. I had a mahoosive chocolate and peanut butter milkshake after my mahoosive main of burger and fries at Blues Bar in Camden. It was soooo tasty I couldn’t stop drinking it and I ended up getting stomach pains and feeling like shit. Today, I’ve had cupcakes/mini eggs/cornflake cakes at work even though I already felt bloated. Why Toni, why?!

My control will come back though and I will keep you all posted on my progress!

Have a good valentines weekend, lovebirds!



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