Toni’s Story

First post (aaah!). I’ll start off by saying that in no way, shape or form Bee or myself are qualified nutrition experts/life coaches/fitness trainers etc etc. My reason for blogging about all this healthy living stuff is simply because I can’t stand everyone around me talking about their weight, discussing the amount of calories in EVERYTHING they eat constantly and worrying if what goes into their bodies will instantly turn them morbidly obese.

I used to be one of those people. If I could go back to that Toni, I’d tell myself to shut the fuck up and just eat that damn pudding.

I first put on a load of weight in college. I guess the excitement of being treated so much more adult than you are in school made me pick all the nice things I could eat, whenever I wanted. I got carried away.

Eventually I lost that weight, although I didn’t go back to my original size. I tried for years, which was stupid because obviously I grew baby bearing hips since being a teenager.

Then I got my first office job and the weight piled on again. When I remember what I used to eat, blo*dy hell I was unhealthy. Cereal at home, fried potato cubes and chicken nuggets once or twice a week from the working lunches van (before lunch and after my breakfast at home….), cookies and biscuits, cakes, lots of bread and pastry….

I lost it again eventually after yo-yoing for a while.

I can’t remember dieting again until I joined Weight Watchers in 2011 I think. Clothes were getting tighter….I enjoyed the diet for a while, hit goal, maintained for a year and then went on holiday. I couldn’t get back into it after that, especially when I started to like nuts and avocado. WW are very clever, making you feel guilty for eating high pointed healthy food. Then you’d buy the WW brand bars and snacks as they are only 1 or 2 points, and it didn’t matter what was in the ingredient list. If you read it you will see how flippin’ processed that ‘food’ is. At the time you just think “if it makes me lose weight, it’s okay.”

I started gaining weight last year after following Tone It Up workouts. The exercise and healthy eating made me feel good and my measurements were going down. But I still felt bad about myself as soon as I saw what the scales told me. Enough is enough, If I am being healthy and feeling good, who cares what my weight is.

I don’t look at people and the first thing I think of is to guess their weight, so no one is doing that to me either! There was a time in between the diets where I was not thinking about my figure at all. Yeah I had a bit of a belly but at least I enjoyed life and didn’t feel guilty from eating chocolate or drinking alcohol. No matter how much I have weighed, I’ve had fantastic nights out and weekends away, my friends have stuck by me as well as my crazy fiancé (yeah, I’m getting married even though the scales say 10 stone-ish!). Just goes to show that WEIGHT. DOES. NOT. MATTER.

Now, I just eat the food I love (yeah, that does include salads) and am satisfied all the time. It’s a great feeling. Why don’t you join me?


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